Who Values Diversity?

KUDOS ….. that is it: THE HUMAN RACE!!
‘But apparently there are some groups that believe they are better than the rest of us, always have been and always will be, and that, folks, does not bode well for the future of the one race we all belong to – the human race.’

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I found these survey results, reported in an article by Brookings Institute, to be interesting … and depressing.  Not necessarily surprising, for they support what I have believed to be the case for some time now.  Take a look for yourself …

According to a Gallup survey released on July 18, the American people now regard immigration as the single most important problem facing the country, and the share of the population expressing this view stands at the highest level ever recorded. This surge of concern crosses partisan lines: the share of Republicans and Independents who name immigration as the top issue has more than tripled during the past year, and it has more than doubled among Democrats.

Although immigration is an issue trifecta, raising economic, security, and cultural concerns, recent surveys have underscored the centrality of culture, in the United States and throughout the West. Since the…

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I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I was born in Santurce and raised in Rio Piedras. Have lived in Florida since 1999. I have a doctorate degree in Medicine; completed in 1976. My Internal Medicine specialty was completed in 1979. Worked for Puerto Rico's health system until 1985. At this time, I'm happily retired after working for the federal government for almost 28yrs. I want to offer any knowledge that I have to anyone "out there" who is interested. My views are liberal in almost every sense. My knowledge is "eclectic" - a bit of everything. Music and reading are my passion. Blogging has also become a very interesting endeavor. Metaphysical topics attract me. I'm interested in news reporting human issues like injustice, discrimination and abuse - the "wrongly" affected. My intention is to bring this knowledge to an understandable level and to help anyone in need. I'm open to questions and will answer them to the best of my ability. Currently working on an enterprise whose main mission will be to bring peoples of all walks of life together. To be one .... since we ALL are ONE!! The future looks bright and promising!!!

1 thought on “Who Values Diversity?

  1. I wouldn’t sweat that Gallup survey too much. In reading the article, the question regarding immigration is framed ambiguously. It is framed as a “problem” but there is no operational definition of specifically what kind of problem the “immigration problem” is. It could be that some view the “immigration problem” as that of illegal brown people coming across the border to take jobs and commit all manner of foul deeds (the typical ideology espoused by the Right) OR…it could be the problem of the Government using immigration as a vehicle of systemic government round up, separation, detainment and deportation of people running over the border to escape drug cartels, gangs and repressive governments out to murder them (which is what most of the Left leaning groups and the ACLU see it as).

    Both are “immigration problems” and the poll fails to distinguish which interpretation is the one that the individual taking the survey means. When it comes right down to it, this survey probably could be argued as invalid and unreliable on that absence of an operational definition of “immigration problem” alone. But then surveys are not known for being particularly reliable or valid anyway for a host of other reasons usually having to do with how the sample selection is even selected.


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