Royal Siblings Debut ….. “On Social Media”!!


~~June 7, 2015~~ 

The Royal Siblings’ Big Debut On Social Media

Kate Middleton has released a set of four photographs taken by her of Prince George holding his baby sister, Charlotte, via social media.

“There was a very warm public response when Princess Charlotte was born, which was very much appreciated by the Duke and Duchess,” The Telegraph quoted a royal source as saying,

“And so they wanted to share these photographs with the public.”


In a dramatic shift to the way previous royal pictures have been distributed to the public, the images were released through Kensington Palace’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts at 9 p.m. last night, along with a series of informal — but no doubt carefully crafted — messages.

In the photographs, Prince George is wearing the same adorably old-fashioned long socks and white shirt look that he sported when he went to the hospital to meet his sister after she was born.

Charlotte is wearing a white romper suit with a knitted sweater.

The pictures were taken in May at Anmer Hall, the Norfolk house on the Queen’s country estate that William and Kate now call home.

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Proud moment for Prince George as he introduces his little sister Princess Charlotte to the world


The four photographs, released by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were taken at home by The Duchess in mid-May.


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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


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