To start the day …. “Dance To The Beat You Can’t Hear”!!


~~June 23, 2015~~ 


The Gallaudet Dance Company is a performing group of approximately 15 dancers. All members of the company are undergraduate or graduate students at Gallaudet University, the world’s only accredited liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Each dancer’s background is different-both in terms of hearing loss, preferred communication mode, secondary school education, and current major field of study as a University student. But all the dancers are excellent communicators.

They rely on their vision as their primary mode of communication and communicate through their dancing in a range of styles, including dance that uses American Sign Language as its foundation. Gallaudet University itself is a bilingual community where students, faculty, and staff communicate with each other in both American Sign Language and English.

The Gallaudet Dance Company which was founded in 1955 will celebrate its 60th Anniversary in 2015.

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~~Dance To The Beat You Can’t Hear~~


~~Published on Apr 8, 2015~~

The Gallaudet Dance Company at Washington, DC’s Gallaudet University is all deaf and hard-of-hearing dancers.

They feel the music in their bones instead of hearing it. Dancer Tanisha Russell tells AJ+ how dancing helps her feel free.

From video journalist Laura Franco.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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