Thoughts for today, #334 .… “Real Scandal … #FlintWaterCrisis … “!!


~~February 12, 2016~~ 


After years of GOP creating fake scandals, here is a real one.


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has said he didn’t know about an uptick in deadly Legionnaires’ disease around Flint until this year, but newly released emails show a Snyder aide had been warned last March.

Snyder’s office said the agency that has already accepted blame for much of the Flint water crisis dropped the ball on the Legionnaires’ disease issue and nobody told the governor about it. The Michigan Democratic Party has now called on Snyder to resign.

“He’s made the leap formally in his email that the uptick in cases is directly attributable to the river as a drinking water source — this is beyond irresponsible, given that is his department that has failed to do the necessary traceback work to provide any conclusive evidence of of where the outbreak is sourced,” Wurfel wrote.

Rick Snyder’s Office Was Warned Of Deadly Legionnaires Outbreak, Did Nothing

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