November 12, 1999 …. it’s been 15 years!!

~~November 12, 2011~~

I moved to Florida on November 3, 1999 – from Puerto Rico. I left behind elderly parents who I had been taking care of. My new job started on November 9, 1999 at the Jacksonville Veterans Administration Clinic in Florida.

On November 12, I received the news that my Mom had passed on after a long, chronic illness. She was 89 and had been bedridden for 10 years.

Hope you are resting in peace.

An app on my phone just reminded me it was today, 15 years ago.


To those who have a mother, treasure her with all the love you can muster. Once she’s gone, all you have is her eternal love, the lessons she taught you and the memories in your heart which will never be erased!


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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