Thoughts for today, #304 .… “Distractions, distractions, distractions …. “!!


~~December 30, 2015~~ 


By: Ryan Bolton

~We all love a good distraction~

I’m pretty sure that’s why social networks were invented.

I’m pretty sure that’s why BuzzFeed and Kim Kardashian have colossal followings. That’s why there are soap operas, One Direction and Kanye West.

They’re entertaining. They’re distracting.

But for Christ’s sake, it has come to a boiling point. Over the color of a fucking dress. And two llamas on the loose.

It goes without question that the Internet is fucking great. Its unprecedented in its ability to connect the world, to share stories, and to hook-up based on your location or engage in shallow-as-a-kiddy-pool vanity via Tinder, for Anonymous and Wikileaks to hold governments accountable and for us to all come out in droves to adamantly debate the color of a dress.

By allowing yourself to become distracted by fad issues, you effectively allow the Internet to become an instrument of control.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”

Is “The Great Distraction” keeping us passive and uninformed?



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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


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