Something to think about …. “How many more?”


~~April 30, 2015~~ 


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I used to be an ObamaCrat and follow Barack blindly, but Ferguson Missouri and the murder of Michael Brown, changed my views of Barack Hussein Obama.

The President’s total lack of attention, he didn’t pay, to a rash of incidents involving the systematic genocide of Black Americans right here at home by racist AmeriKKKan law enforcement, made me realize Barack didn’t deserve my blind commitment.

AmeriKKKa can’t fix the world when freedoms and liberties are denied daily to America’s citizens.

Bowing to political pressure from Democratic politicians who are concerned about having a Democratic President speak out about a racial murder, weeks before the all important Mid Term elections, is NOT why I voted for Barack Hussein Obama, twice.

Ignoring the hundreds of murders of Black Americans, mostly Black American males, whom were unarmed and in a position of surrender and submission, is unacceptable to me as a Black male. It’s disgusting when a caucasian President ignores that issue.

It’s the worst feeling in the soul and heart when a President who is a person of color ignores it, who happened to campaign on “Hope & Change”, and allows that Black genocide to continue.

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There are a total of 380 names listed here since January 1st, 2015.

91 names for January. 85 names for February. 115 names for March. 89 so far for April with 3 days left in this month. 12 deaths are not mentioned by name above because police didn’t release the victims names.

120 total days for the calendar year 2015, divided into 380 Killed By Police comes to 3.1666666667 dead humans Killed By Police DAILY.

Think about that.

A combination of caucasians, women, men, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Africans, straight, LGBTQA1, Europeans, young (12 & 7), old (77 & 88).

You thought this was just about #BlackLivesMatter……didn’t you.

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We ALL are ONE!!