Anonymous Awakening …. depends on your vantage point!!

~~November 17, 2014~~ 

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous is not a group, it is not a person.
It is an IDEA. Specifically it is the idea that all of us deserve freedom, freedom of thought, of speech, of expression of knowledge and of belief. The freedom to determine the course and destination of our own lives.

If you share this idea then you are one of us.
You have likely heard many things about Anonymous, some of them are true and some of them are not. We are not terrorists and we are not violent. We are citizens of the World who bear witness the tyranny, oppression and censorship.


We are your neighbors, your friends and your relatives. We prepare your food, repair your appliances, write your books, compose your music and create your technology. We are your postal workers, barbers, store clerks and lawyers. We are Atheists and we are Religious. We are everyone and we are no one. None of us are as powerful as all of us.


We are Anonymous
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

Anonymous Awakening




#AnonymousAwakening #CallMeParanoid #CallYouUninformed #NotAGroup #NotAPerson #AnonymousIdea #CitizensOfTheWorld #BearWitness #DeserveFreedon #TyrannyOppressionCensorship #Legion #WeDoNotForgive #WeDoNotForget #ExpectUs #InjusticeLaw #RebellionDuty #CantBrakeMySoul

#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #hrexachwordpress



~~Published on Oct 20, 2014~~



We ALL are ONE!! 


10 thoughts on “Anonymous Awakening …. depends on your vantage point!!

  1. The day before yesterday (11/15/2014), Anonymous caused quite a flurry when after repeated warnings to the KKK to cease violent threats against the American activists/protesters of Furguson, Missouri, took action by taking over the KKK’s Twitter account. They “doxed” (identified and published) KKK members personally. They also took down the KKK’s logo and replaced it with the Anonymous logo along with a brief but powerful message. Read article at link below:

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