Two days after …. “wake me up from this nightmare …. “!!


~~November 10, 2016~~ 


Some may have noticed I’ve been quiet.

I still haven’t been able to gather my thoughts together, get my spirit going and feel at ease.

It may take a while before I’m back to my usual self.

The wind has been taken out of my sails!

I was gearing for a total and complete ‘sea of blue‘ in that American map on Election night.

As we all know, that didn’t happen.

It was a ‘sea of red‘.

Could it be a forecast of what is to come?

It’s already caused rifts between friends and some family members.

It’s only been two days.

There are still 1458 days to go after January 2017.

Can we take it?




His own words … “The American dream is dead” …. America has voted.

A friend of mine wrote this ….

“The majority of America just voted for a hateful, misogynist man to be the the highest leader in the land. A vote for Trump essentially said you approve of that behavior. You can’t tell me any different, and you won’t convince me otherwise. So, you got what you voted for. I hope you are happy.”

Anyone who voted for him embraces all of this positions, ideologies, flaws … all of him. You don’t get to ‘cherry-pick‘ what you think is best. You ‘bought’ him …. he’s all yours!




Facebook Timeline

Occupy Democrats

I do not own these images.

No intention of taking credit.

If anyone knows the owner of any, please advise and it will be corrected immediately.



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I’m sharing the words of a another friend ….

At the same time, I’m asking you that, if you voted for Donald Trump. please, unfriend me, block me …. disconnect from me, please.
“I am not two faced … If you do not stand for basic human rights and feel that discrimination, putting women down, insulting immigrants just because they are Mexican or Syrian or even Native American, or they come from an immigrant family, or their religion is Muslim, Buddhist, etc. … among all other idiosyncrasies (idiot-syncrasies) and you believe in this, I really do not have an interest in keeping my Facebook friendship or having a true friendship. We are too different to be able to reconcile our differences. This is fake and I am not that.

Time to clean my Facebook.”



From another friend …. she came to this country for the famous, now ‘dead American dream’ …..

“The good news (as this is the outcome) for those of you that have never lived in another country is now you get to experience what that is like without even leaving!! Economic uncertainty, bozo politics, national security compromised, chaos, disrespect of citizens, disdain from first world countries and so much more. Yay for the people that made that possible for everyone – travel without a passport. These traditional Americans that “wanted America back” just gave America away. Enjoy your ride.”




We ALL are ONE!!


5 thoughts on “Two days after …. “wake me up from this nightmare …. “!!

  1. So many have had the wind knocked out of them, and we are shocked and sickened. Personally, I hardly know what to think or how to feel. So, I don’t know if this may comfort you…

    In the midst of more darkness coming our way (i.e., the economic collapse that the history of capitalism predicts is overdue), Donald Trump will be the one associated with the next financial disaster. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be spared that disgrace. In fact, the country may ignore Trump while looking to the likes of Clinton and Sanders for leadership as times get rockier.

    Meanwhile, it is very encouraging that nation-wide protests have continued for 2 days. Maybe a Trump presidency is the catalyst we need to get serious about political revolution. Michael Moore likes to say about Millennials that “they do not hate.” That is another growing trend.

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