Poem by a Friend …. “🐘 Elephants …. Magnificent, Majestic Noble Beasts 🐘 …. “!!


~~November 22, 2017~~Β 



When the Earth was barren and bare,

And man looked out on folly,

we killed for sport and not to eat.

We chose to start our end

By killing magnificent friend

Such noble beasts we destroyed them all

At our hand we sealed our end

or nature’s balance we tilt the scales

And doom we face for nature failed.

No food or drink when balance upset

For us a tomb and man kind loss

At last no more an upright man.

For in our place was heard a roar

From small jungle and oasis desert

Beast return to claim it all,

And free to roam their earthly land

Unhampered by the human man.

Anon Pax

~~John Bob Bidgood~~



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We ALL are connected through Nature!!Β 


We ALL are ONE!!Β 


Ellen DeGeneres



6 thoughts on “Poem by a Friend …. “🐘 Elephants …. Magnificent, Majestic Noble Beasts 🐘 …. “!!

  1. Thank you for directing me to this post. I despair at the way humans are decimating this planet and its beautiful wildlife.
    I have an online friend who lives in Tanzania. Her husband works tirelessly to protect African elephants and keep poachers at bay, but success is limited. She says it’s common to find the rotting carcass of a mutilated elephant in the bush. As long as tusks can be sold, these crimes will continue.

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