Something to think about …. “Governor Nikki Haley”!!


~~July 10, 2015~~ 


Today was a very special day for many who fought for the Confederate flag to come down from the Capitol grounds in Charleston, South Carolina.

The precipitating event to bring this to fruition occurred on the evening of June 17, 2015.

A mass shooting took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

Nine people were killed, including the senior pastor, state senator Clementa C. Pinckney; a tenth victim survived. The congregation is one of the United States’ oldest black churches and has long been a site for community organization around civil rights.

Not living there, I’m not privy to the state’s politics, debates and local discussions. I’ve seen this political “personality” on the news recently. I’ve seen her impassioned expressions about the removal of this symbol of hate, racism and slavery.

Come to find out … it’s all a political ruse. She had no option and to “look good” in the many eyes that were watching, she had tried to be a spokeperson to do what was right. HortyRex©



I’m so sick of Nikki Haley getting so many accolades for undoing something that should never have been done in the first place.

She won the Governorship partly because her opponent wanted to take down the Confederate flag but she supported its presence.

Now she’s talking like this very compassionate person who just wants blah, blah, blah.

by Linda Hojem-Soderberg





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We ALL are ONE!! 


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