Higher Meaning Behind Prince’s Love Symbol …. “His Name … “!


~~April 22, 2016~~ 



Somewhere in interstellar space a supernova formed the Love Symbol

The year was 1982 and Prince was exploding into the realms of American popular culture. Ten years later, he’d go on to adopt the unpronounceable mark as only proper visual moniker for The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, but the symbol was born in 1982, on the album cover for 1999.

There, in a collage that scintillated with the Love Symbol’s formative phases, Minnesota’s Purple Yoda imaged a manifesto against social prototypes.

Deep within a starry, violaceous space, the words Prince and 1999 dominate the album cover’s vast expanse. Presumably it was Prince himself who drew its letters and numbers, along with other non-representational shapes, symbols, and scenes.

In doing so, the Purple One reflected on his previous body of work to propel rebellion across light-years.

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In the same P where a mane suggests Prince’s masculinity, the Love Symbol began its genesis, making its first appearance with its first configuration. The widely used emblems for peace (☮), femininity (♀) and masculinity (♂) emanate separately from a sun. After traveling through the letters spelling Prince, the three icons return as one, O (+>, following the phallic 1 at the bottom of the 9, as if the product of ejaculation.

The melding of the three convolutes gender by implying that multiple can exist in one entity—simultaneously and without much turbulence.

In that way, the Love Symbol cruise-controls on sexual ambiguity. 1999’s cover shares paradigm-altering eccentricities with artists from a former time and space.


~~On June 7th Prince changed his name to a Symbol~~

~~Published on Jun 24, 2014~~


~~Prince explains his name change~~

1999 CNN Interview

~~Published on Apr 21, 2016~~

In a 1999 interview with CNN, Prince explains why he decided to take the step to replace his name with a symbol.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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