Tyra’s Golden Buzzer …. “Light Balance: Dancers Light Up The Stage …. Amazing …. “!!


~~June 21, 2017~~ 


This is what we need more of.

In these uncertain times, when hope seems to be fading, good things do happen and people have joy, fun and empathy.

That’s what I need today.



The dance crew named Light Balance gave an incredible performance on America’s Got Talent that earned them a golden buzzer

The dancers all wore lights on their bodies and faces that lit up as they danced around the stage.

Tyra Banks ran out from the wings because she loved the performance so much and she hit the golden buzzer to send the group to the live shows.

“I thought the act was incredible. It was imaginative. It was different. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was incredible.

Congratulations,” Simon Cowell said.

Watch their performance in the video included below.




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~~Light Balance~~

Dancers Light Up The Stage And Earn The Golden Buzzer

~~Published on Jun 20, 2017~~

Ukraine dancers snag the coveted Golden Buzzer thanks to Tyra Banks!

America’s Got Talent 2017


We ALL are ONE!! 


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