To start the day …. “EDGAR FAMILY BAND…. in America’s Got Talent …. “!!


~~August 25, 2016~~ 


“America’s Got Talent” Edgar Family Band

Let’s start the day with something nice, sweet, positive and up-lifting.

I saw this band perform in America’s Got Talent.

Their story is inspiring.

Take a look.

Take a deep breath and enjoy!



~Facts You May Like to Know~

This week we saw some of the best contestants on America’s Got Talent, as they performed during the quarter-finals. Out of all these contestants, one will be the winner of this season’s AGT. Although the contestants are all amazing, there is one family in particular that has won over America’s heart.

We are talking about the Edgar Family Band.

During the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent last night, the Edgar Family enthralled everybody by singing Carole King’s, “You’ve Got A Friend.” The performance by the band was so touching and moving that all the judges gave them a standing ovation!

Heidi Klum said,

“A family that sings together, wins together.”


Nikki was born on August 20, 1981 in California, United States. Her father Greg Leonti was a pastor at the Calvary Southern Baptist church. She started singing at the age of seven as a choir colonist in Calvary Southern Baptist church located in California. The choir also included her three other siblings. Since a very young age, she was into singing. She even recorded her first song on a small scale label.

After her 18th birthday, Nikki got pregnant out of wedlock and was shunned by the Contemporary Christian Music scene.

If you are wondering about the Edgar Family Band ages, then you should know that Jaslyn is 15-years-old, Nikki is 35-years-old and Ryan is 36-years-old.

Nikki is highly talented and her hard work and determination is one of the reasons why her family is standing on the stage today. Of course, you cannot miss out on Ryan Edgar and her daughter’s talent, too.

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~~You’ve Got A Friend~~

 America’s Got Talent 

~~Published on Aug 23, 2016~~

Full Segment
Quartefinals Week 3 – Episode 16 – Season 11 – August 23, 2016


We ALL are ONE!! 


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